Products & Services

CareerXchange HR Solutions LLP offers 5 types of services as follows:

Placement Service

CareerXchange is one of the best companies offering placements to candidates of different educational qualifications in various national organisations upon payment of a nominal service charge. So far we have done more or less 3000 placements across India.


Training Service

CareerXchange provides training for corporates and various business entities. We have done 500+ training sessions for managers, employees, students, teachers, parents and general public according to their needs and aspirations.

Franchise Service

As part of our employment generation program, CareerXchange offers franchise services to people who wants to be their own boss at a very low cost. This facility will be available at every towns across Kerala and will be extended to national level soon.


Admission Service

CareerXchange offers reliable admission services to students who want to seek admission in universities across India. This facility will eradicate over financial exploitation of students.

CV Writing Service

A professional CV is the core of succeeding in any interview. 99% of our university pass outs are simply clueless about the importance of a professional CV and its impact in obtaining jobs. Based on those facts, CareerXchange is very glad to offer a CV Writing service free of cost.


Future Services

- Matrimonial Service

- Real Estate Service